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alejandro leyva

Alejandro Leyva is a Cuban-born painter based in Miami, Florida.


He graduated from the Vocational School Luis Casas Romero in 1985 and attended the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro in Havana, Cuba specializing in painting in 1995.

He also received training in ceramics, design and photography in 1996.
Since then, Leyva has participated in 10 solo shows, and in 40 collective exhibitions from throughout the word and his work is included in selected private collections from countries such as Mexico, Panama, the U.S., Cuba, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, France and Portugal.


As a modern man, Leyva’s works are the product of his reflections on the aggregates of society that depicts an antagonism between the patterns of external beauty accepted by its people and by his own personal experiences.


“As an artist I would describe my work as poetry, expressing my own emotions in an imaginative way which allows me to paint with instinctive and volatile feelings trying to capture and connect with the viewer in any possible way,” said Alejandro Leyva


1985 Graduate of Vocational School Luis Casas Romero Arts, Camaguey, Cuba. 1989 Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro, graduating from the SchoolNational Visual Arts (ENAP), City of Havana, specializing in Painting.

1989 Ceramics course, sponsored by the Cuban Cultural Fund.

1990 Design and photography courses, creative workshops, the International Press Center, City of Havana, Cuba.

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